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What type of brands do you look to feature on your app?

Our users love to discover new mobile games, subscription services, financial & lifestyle apps and more. If you have a cool product or service, drop us a line at email us and we’ll be in touch!

I want to grow my audience, can you help me?

User acquisition is what we do best! We are always looking for new partners, please contact us.

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How can I submit an app?

Send us a message in our Vesey Studios contact form or email us.

What kind of games are you looking for?

We are seeking hyper-casual mobile games that are lightweight, instantly playable, and user-centric. If you have a game like this, we can help you take it to the next level. Our goal is to partner with entrepreneurial game developers to help their games top the charts. By promoting talented developers, we ensure that mobile gamers have access to more high quality games than ever before. Once gamers engage with apps we publish, we deliver a unique opportunity for them to win real prizes and compete with friends. 

How will I be able to incorporate my work and myself into Vesey Studios’ culture?

Here at Vesey Studios, we’re all about innovation. Innovation is key as it guides our projects to function in the ever changing gaming climate. So, whether it be your new idea, creative thought, or imagination in the form of a development, it matches Vesey’s values.

What makes us different?

We’re willing to learn from our partners and our players, and we’re obsessed with fine-tuning the perfect user experience.  
We partner with leading brands and retailers to offer rebates on groceries, electronics, clothing, gifts, home and office supplies, restaurant dining, and more.
Our rewards program provides a one-of-a-kind incentive for gamers to play and master our apps, and earn prizes for their achievements.

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How do I contact Customer Support?

In our Vesey Studios help center, search your game and submit a ticket. Click here to go to our Vesey Studios Help Center.